About us

“Excellent product, Deliver on Time, bringing a good environment and Impressive service” has become our motto in conducting business over 27 years.

MSTD Enterprise was established on June 19, 1992. Starting as a trading company and later changing to manufacturing company. Our Manufacturing focus on various type of wire and cable mostly in home appliance and automotive including power cord and cable harness. Recently, we open plastic injection as our new facility to strengthen wire harness production.

Manufacturing plants

  1. Plant1 : Samutprakarn (Main branch)

       Manufacturing: Wire and Cable

2. Plant2 : Kabinburi (Near Kabinburi Industrial Zone)

    Manufacturing: Wire and Cable

3. Plant3 : Kabinburi

    Manufacturing: Plastic injection

Contact Us

Address 400 Moo 7 Soi Sudjaithongnoppakun1 Puttaraksa road Tambon Praksa Amphoe muang samutprakarn Samutprakarn, 10280 Tel. +662701-5520, +662701-4100, +662701-5980, +6684385-7744,+ 6661912-8778, +6681696-4675, +6681859-4600

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